Permanent call for proposals


SPAM! It offers hospitality to artists, dancers, actors, performers, visual artists, musicians, circus artists.


ALDES / SPAM! is part of Resartis and Transartists and welcomes artists from all over the world.
For 2017 the partnership with Les Brigittines (Bruxelles) and CCNN (Nantes) provided artists with the opportunity to meet others cultures and share skills and experiences with professional residency exchanges.

IT's necessary to send a question with your project, a brief hp website link or video, and the period you prefer and numbers of people that will be hosted.



SPAM! It offers for free: the use of a rehearsal room, the hospitality at the guesthouse, the possibility of tutoring and / or conducting open rehearsals. Does not provide: reimbursement of travel expenses and local transport, cover the costs for meals.
The artist / company undertakes to cite ALDES / SPAM! in the credits


A heated  rehearsal room  (no air conditioning) 9x12 with sound system, wooden flooring and linoleum carpet. The rehearsal room is adjacent to the room dedicated to ALDES productions. Between the two rooms the sound insulation is not perfect. The welcome is very essential, so it is required adaptability.  SPAM! is at 100 mt from Porcari train-station.


It is given the opportunity to perform tests to different audiences:

1) only ALDES artists
2) these and the staff members and local artists who regularly frequent the property
3) all of them and to a limited audience of enthusiasts and experts.
If required, you can have a feed back from the pubblic.


The guesthouse is a 130 square m. apartment, for 14 people, divided  into 5 larger rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a common room and a small courtyard with garden.
The hospitality includes the change of whites and regular cleaning of common areas.




for more informations or to apply, please write to:







Igor Vazzaz e Daniele Bernardi
Dario La Stella e Valentina Solinas
Zoya Sardashti
Sandro Mabellini con Riccardo Festa, Chiara Spoletini e Valentina Vandelli / Accademia Perduta
Glen Çaçi
Carmen Moreira
Flora Vannini con Raffaele Rezzonico e Camilla Crispino / Ogordia
Serena Gatti / Azul teatro
Mariano Nieddu con Nicolò Columbano e Silvano Vargiu / Associazione Culturale S'arza
Mariella Celia e Mauro Carulli
Camilla Giani con Margherita Landi e Silvia Bennet / Compagnia Simona Bucci
Sara Venuti e Francesco Mauri
Francesca Penzo
Artémise Ploegaerts con Elisabeth Schilling
Maria Ångerman con Yuri Bongers
Manfredi Perego con Gioia Maria Morisco e Chiara Montalbani
Paul Godwin con Miguel e Thomas Noya
Silvia Bennet e Michele Giunta
Elena Guerrini
Kieran Carrol e Maria Fazio
Fabio Pagano e Cecilia Ventriglia





Silvia Bennett / If Prana

D.A.S.-X-IN / Finisia Bosi (Premio Danza Si)

Daria Menichetti


Cristina Abati e Enrico L'Abbate

Nada Gambier /  Action Scénique

Annika Pannito e Elisa D'Amico

Said Ait El Moumen e SIMONA BELLINO

Erica Giovannini e Francesco Campanoni

Giacomo Verde

Teatro dell'Elce

artisti selezionati dal progetto Luogo Comune di SPAM!: Flora Vannini e Maria Elena Curzi



and the ALDES artists authors:

Irene Russolillo, Stefano Questorio, Giselda Ranieri, Caterina Basso, Aline Nari, Roberto Castello with Andrea Cosentino, Francesca Zaccaria, Giacomo Verde